Managed Solutions and Reporting

Management of ITC activities often ensures the management of individuals and their productivity in the organization.

• UNI-TEL offers Managed Services to operate and manage your usage expenses and staff letting you focus on
your business and save valuable time and money.

• This includes online real-time monitoring of activities with an option to report irregularities as they occur.

• Emails are sent to the originator of the call and their supervisory element for clarity of the nature of the call for future referencing in the system – allowing immediate indications of issues.

• We have ensured the simplicity and expediency of the system to enable the technology to work for the organization in a quick and efficient manner, thereby reducing the time and effort required to effectively manage telecommunication usage.

1. Make sure you’re not overpaying your service providers. Enforce and optimize your process for invoices approvals.

2. Our telecom expense management systems let you know how much you spend on telecommunication costs.

3. Bill departments: Billing is rated to within 3% of Telkom (general acceptability in telecommunication terms is 5%).

4. We are able to import your cellular costs to manage them, provided your Provider is prepared to impart the relevant call detail records.

5. Reduce resources and time to perform the above-mentioned tasks.

6. Manage Abuse (Emails): Set thresholds for extensions considering time usage and/or cost. When the threshold is exceeded, a notification is sent to the extension user and supervisory intervention is automatically generated by the system via an email to the supervisor. The email requests the identification of the particular number.

7. Identify Call patterns graphically per micro or macro unit may provide valuable business and marketing information.